The 3 Best Contenders for the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle

There are countless zombie films, and the majority of them seem to follow a set of key characters as they escape in the incoming horde to start a new life in an isolated location. As they embark on their journey, there’s almost always a driving scene where the protagonists plough through through the undead, often with multiple zombies clinging onto the roof or hood, before making a narrow escape.

Their choice of car is always pretty questionable, often a relatively modest and aging saloon or a clunky family SUV with the turning circle of a horse. It’s almost as if they didn’t even think to invest in a bone crunching truck, in the event that they would need to make a hasty escape.

A set of wheels will always be required in a zombie apocalypse, and it needs to be fast, reliable and sturdy.

The Hyundai Tucson Zombie Survival Machine


Hyundai are clearly ahead of the curve, because they’ve already turned their popular Tucson, traditionally a family friendly SUV, into a rugged zombie escaper. The Tucson itself featured in The Walking Dead, giving Hyundai the opportunity to spin up the marketing machine and release the Tucson Walking Dead Special Edition.

Featuring an ash black paintjob with lowkey red accent graphics, owners can find a custom Zombie Survival Kit in the trunk with first aid and biohazard supplies. It’s powered by a 2.4litre GDI engine, and boasts LED lights and a premium audio system so you can blare out your favourite tunes while smashing your way through waves of the undead. Mod it to accommodate some maxxis tires and you’re golden.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog


The Unimog offers unparalleled off-roading capabilities and can been driven anywhere, over anything, in any conditions. Traditionally used for disaster emergency response, there’s ample space in the back for supplies and passengers, and its highly flexible chassis can tackle extreme terrain.

It’s designed to be easily maintained, with most of the required tools installed or mounted on the vehicle itself.

The Marauder


Arguably the most rugged vehicle on the planet, the 20,000lbs+ armoured Marauder can survive pretty much anything that’s thrown at it. A TNT explosion barely rocks the chassis, and it’s wheels can be pierced by 12.7mm bullets and still function fine.

Despite it’s size and weight it’s surprisingly agile with impressive speed and cross-country capabilities, and boasts long-range fuel tanks, night vision devices and a double-skin monocoque hull structure. It’s powered by a 6 cylinder turbo-diesel engine with a semi-automatic transmission, delivering 165kw of power and 801Nm of torque. Carry some spare lift kits in the trunk and you’re pretty much unstoppable.