Whynter Beverage Refrigerator


Whynter is coming.. in the form of this awesome, high capacity and high quality beer fridge. The guys at Whynter have been churning out quality appliances for quite some time now, and their flagship product is the Berverage Refrigerator.

With a sexy stainless steel finish, its a great middle of the road beer fridge that holds 117 standard 12 oz. cans, or if for some utterly bizarre reason you wanted to store wine in it, it holds 27 bottles. It’s modestly priced at $319, which is more than worth it for a lifetimes supply of cold beer.

It boasts average reviews on Amazon, with the majority of buyers being more than satisfied with it. Complaints are generally quite tame such as the interior light being blocked out when its full of beer (duh?). Its a great all rounder if you are after a good looking and hard working beer refrigerator.