Connect Range from True Utility

When was the last time you ‘optimised’ your everyday carry? Looked at the items you carry around with you every single day, whether it’s your wallet or keys, and asking yourself if you really need to haul around this much junk?

We recently got the opportunity to try out a couple of products from the Connect range from True Utility, who specialise in practical solutions for everyday carry. Their MiKEY is an intuitive key holder with 6 essential tools, aimed at turning your lumpy bundle of keys into a streamlined hunk of metal.


We’ve personally been using the MiKEY for around 2-3 weeks now, and can’t believe the difference is made to the 4 keys we usually carry around. Set up is pretty straight forward, just unscrew the holding bolt and slide on the keys, and tighten.

One thing we did notice right away is that it works best with keys that have a hole in the top middle, as some square shaped keys these days have a hole in the corner which means they sit off center on the MiKEY. Despite this the keys do still form a nice compact ‘unit’, so much so they for the first few days we often thought we’d forgotten our keys because it’s so low profile.

It does make a big difference, keys no longer get caught up in the pocket lining when you’re trying to yank them out one handed while carrying 15 bags of shopping, and sliding out the key of choice is smooth and painless.

The additional tools themselves are just an added bonus, with the bottle cap opener already receiving a significant amount of use.


The other item we got to try out was the Everyday Carry Bag, which is a small but perfectly formed bag with a surprising number of inside pockets, generous padding and nifty features. We usually carry around a satchel everyday, but after examining the contents it was clear that a lot of the time this was unnecessary; the notebook, pens, charging cables and wallet could all comfortably fit into the EDC Bag and replace the need for a satchel entirely.

Of course you could also use it for storing bits and pieces to sit inside another bag which it excels at too.


Getting to try these products out has made us realise that we were unnecessarily carrying around bulk for several years, and for the price of the products we reviewed, it’s absolutely worth ‘optimising’ your Everyday Carry to see if you can reduce the amount you haul around.

If you’re interested in EDC, is an awesome site where people share their setups.