The Brew Cave

brew-cave-thumbIf you’re looking for the ultimate beverage cooler (and money is no option), let us introduce you to, The Brew Cave. This beast is the largest Kegerator money can buy, capable of holding a whopping 30 cases of beer and over 4 kegs with a bit of persuasion.

It sounds like something Batman himself would own (and he probably does), which is a good enough reason in itself to splash out on one of these. It boasts a complete beer dispensing kit that hooks up to a keg inside, with a customisable pump handle and chrome finish.


Its shipped in modular panels meaning some self assembly is required, which shouldn’t be a problem being a man and all. Its a must have for any serious Man Caver, with the only down side being its hefty price. It will set you back around $7,000, but its easily justifiable when you take into account the pure joy it will bring you for the rest of your life.

If the wife can have a walk-in wardrobe why cant you have a walk-in beer fridge!?