SYNEK Draft System

synek-thumbEvery day a new invention pops up on Kickstarter, a popular crowd funding platform, that claims it can change your life and revolutionise the world. A lot of the time it’s simply an over hyped gadget, but this project by SYNEK looks like it could live up to expectations.

Ice cold beer on tap is hardly a new revelation, with kegerators becoming more and more affordable by the day, but imagine if you could eliminate the need for a bulky keg? That’s exactly what the guys over at SYNEK have achieved.

In place of growlers and kegs, you simply have SYNEK bags which can be filled at a brewer and are vacuum sealed to maintain freshness. The toaster sized (and rather slick looking) dispenser can then perfectly chill and pressurise said beer, allowing you to pour a frosty one whenever the mood strikes.

The main appeal is just how easy it is to swap out beers, allowing you to build up the ultimate collection without jeopardising quality. The bags can keep a beer fresh for over 30 days, whereas your typical growler tops out at 2 days.


Although it’s not funded on Kickstarter yet, it looks set to comfortably smash through their goal, and you can become a proud owner for a smidge under $300.