The Sultan Gaming Table

Sultan Gaming TableEvery one of us has imagined what it would be like to be granted three wishes. Well here is an item that you would definitely use your first one on. With this spectacular gaming table in your man cave you can definitely spend an all-nighter will all your buddies building your characters up to a level where they are invincible. What hard-core gamer hasn’t dreamed of such a gaming table?

This table will make those experiences just that much more memorable. It offers a dropped surface where everyone can easily see the maps as well as the action as it unfolds. There are also player stations situated around the table where it includes a flip down desk and secret drawers where you can hide away your player sheets so no one else can get a peek at the special abilities your character might possess. It also includes a larger Game Master station for extra storage. Each station comes with an affixed cup holder for each player’s beverage of choice as well as an integrated dice tower to have your set of dice at your finger tips for when you need to roll that critical hit!

The Sultan is available in a variety of configurations, from 6 to 10 player stations, a wood choice of Black Walnut, North American Cherry or Hard Rock Sugar Maple. The dropped surface (the game vault) is an extra deep depth of 3 7/8 inches and stands at a height of 34 ¾ inches.

Don’t pass up this beautiful table where you and your friends will have hours upon hours of gaming fun. And the fun won’t stop at the table because we are sure you will continue to talk for days after about how fun it was especially when it is accented with a centerpiece such as the Sultan!

After reviewing this gaming table, we have decided it is time for us to dust off our old manuals and get a game going. Maybe we’ll even look into the new editions as well. Now where did we put those dice?