The Sidecar

Looking for a beautifully hand-crafted beverage cart to add to your man-cave? Well look no further because The Sidecar is everything you will ever want or need. It is made of Virginia Black Walnut with Birch and accentuated with real leather as well as brass hardware. Every man cave needs a certain amount of class to mix with the raw “grunt” factor to give it a well-rounded atmosphere and The Sidecar will definitely add elegance and class to any man-cave.


Watch as your friend’s jaws fall open as you wheel this out in order to give them something to quench their thirst. And jaw dropping reactions is what we all hope for when we show our new “toys” off to anyone visiting the man-cave. Because let’s face it, when you can brag about having something as elegant as The Sidecar, you know you’ve acquired something that your friends will truly be envious of. And that in itself is worth a million bucks!