Retro Console Clocks

We quite often get sent products to consider for coverage, and unfortunately a lot of them don’t make the cut. However, when these clocks landed in our inbox we knew they were the perfect fit.

Until now, the only other clock we had featured on this site was the Starfleet Machine Table Clock, but with a $3,000 price tag it probably isn’t a realistic Man Cave purchase for most people. Thankfully we have a more affordable solution, while maintaining a certain level of awesome. If you’re in the process of kitting out a Nerd Cave, or just want to pay homage to gaming days gone by, you may want to grab yourself one of these.

Portsmouth (UK) based company SlothJunk specialise in recycling broken electronics, with a focus on game consoles and controllers, re-purposing them into clocks, cuff links, keyrings and more. They have kindly offered all ManCaved readers 10% off.

Enter code: mancave10 during checkout to receive the discount.