Playstation 3 Controller Coffee Table

Alas, the time has come where we have found something to rival the Nintendo Controller Coffee Table, which we didn’t actually think would be possible. Although a generation behind, Etsy once again delivers with this impressive Playstation 3 Controller coffee table.

Although it’s not fully functional like the it’s aforementioned Nintendo counterpart, it’s equally impressive with insane attention to detail.

The master craftsman behind this piece even added a fold down door in the back for game storage, and it boasts a 1/2″ custom cut tempered glass top.  3/4″ clear, Polycarbonate rods support the back, giving the illusion that it’s free-standing. The glass can even be removed if you want to feel like you’re a tiny person holding a giant controller.

While it will set you back $3,000, it’s crafted from 3/4″ thick Birch plywood and weighing in at around 100lbs, so it’s certain to last a good number of years. Consider it an investment rather than a luxurious purchase.