Painted Animal Skulls

painted-animal-skull-thumbIt would be rude not to include some kind of taxidermy in your Man Cave, to keep it in touch with its rustic and masculine roots and assert your male dominance as a hunter. However, traditional taxidermy such as  mounted deer heads or even a full sized bear can start to get a bit crusty and flakey over time, as well as beginning to smell funky. 


However, we recently came across a Portland based artist and designer who is doing some incredible things with animal skulls and bones. His name is Stephan Alexandr and you can view all his pieces here, ranging from alligator jawbone knives to floating goat vertebrae, but the work that really caught our eye is the various painted animal skulls.


Stephan utilises striking colours, ranging from silvers and golds to bright neon orange and purple. Our favourite of the collection is the large bull heads that look completely bad ass on a wall, but there are also some smaller specimens that would like great on a desk.

They come with a hefty price tag, but they are a definite conversation starter and would look great in any Man Cave.