Owen & Fred Prints

We’re always partial to some good man cave wall décor, and we’ve covered a range of posters in the past, ranging from zombie safe zone maps to how it’s made posters for whiskey and beer. When Own & Fred got in touch with their art prints, it was clear even from the pictures that they were worth checking out.

From the packaging alone you could tell that it’s content was going to be of high quality, not some flimsy fuzzy print that you might expect from the likes of Zazzle. The designs are printed on Royal Sundance Felt Finish 100% recycled 100 lb cover paper, boasting a dimpled feel.

Even without a frame, the prints are strong enough to look the part on the wall of a Man Cave, luring people to take a closer a look at it’s meticulous design and bask in it’s off white glory.

At this moment in time 4 designs are available, including a Mercedes-Benz V8 Engine, Rolex Movement, Boeing 737 and a Space Shuttle. We certainly hope they expand on this collection, as we’re certainly left wanting more.