One For The Summer: Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend

Nothing quite beats recreational drinking, and we’re always on the lookout for up and coming Man Cave beverages. When the guys over at Captain Morgan got in touch offering a sample of their new 1971 Commemorative Blend, it was an obvious choice.

Not only does it look awesome on your Man Cave shelf, it also has a really interesting back story. Back in 1971, Captain Henry Morgan’s victorious raid on the Spanish resulted in the loss of his beloved flagship, The Satisfaction. This commemorative blend is the closest thing you can get to the rum that was on board all those years ago, finished through Spanish Oak and containing palatable elements derived from the type of barrels that Captain Henry Morgan carried.


The Nitty Gritty

We’ve all seen the lists of what liquor goes with what season; winter calls for Scotches, spring brings Gin out of the cupboard and into a cold glass of lime and tonic but we argue that Rum holds on to the Summer liquor of choice. The Cuba Libre while dancing, a Daiquiri on the beach, a MaiTai in Hawaii. While there are many different kinds of rum, white to golden to dark and even black, the spiced rum is the sweet, warming candy of the rum world.

1671 was a good year: Thomas Blood tried to steal the Crown Jewels of England but was too drunk, the first Baptist church was erected in America and Rob Roy of Scottish fame was born. And in that same year Henry Morgan went to fight in Panama and lost his flagship The Satisfaction. From the loss of his ship we now receive the 1671 commemorative rum from Captain Morgan.

While normal Captain Morgan has a sweet caramel and vanilla taste, the 1671 Commemorative has a deeper, more intense flavour, a solid vanilla one can taste when they smell a real vanilla bean. Soaked in Spanish oak, the same type of oak The Good Captain would have used in his ship, the rum goes well with a bit of sugar and lime juice. Maybe mix it with some ice and a spicy Ginger beer for a real good Dark and Stormy. Or drink it with just ice, a nice summer storm raging outside and some Rolling Stones in the background.

Stored in a nice black glass jug, I find myself wanting to be in a wall less pub, in The Caribbean somewhere, waiting for a hurricane to pass so our ship can disembark. Meanwhile, the little handle in the bottle makes it a hell of a lot easier to drink this delicious rum.