Compact Wallet from The Nodus Collection


Not long ago we spoke about minimalising our every day carry with MiKey, which turned a clunky set of keys into a streamlined hunk of metal. Since then we’ve been looking at other ways of lightening items we carry around, and when we got the chance to look at the Compact Wallet from Nodus this provided the perfect opportunity. 

The Compact Wallet is a minimal and lightweight wallet with an ultra slim profile, capable of carrying up to 10 cards, folded notes and a key. On one side of the wallet is a contactless slot, meaning your most used card is a tap away without having to take it out. The other side has room for 8 cards with RFID blocking, protecting you from anyone trying to steal your card information or make an unauthorised contactless payment. Unfortunately this is a real concern in this day and age.

The wallet is crafted from full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather, and it’s clear from the off that it is a well made and high quality product. When ours first arrived, it looked unnaturally clean and smooth, which is of course expected with leather. However after a couple of weeks of use it started to darken and mature aesthetically, to form a unique finish with the odd nick and scratch, which we’re a fan of when it comes to leather products.

We’ve always had a wallet with a coin section, so transitioning to one without that was an annoyance at first. However it didn’t take long to get used to, and we found ourselves dumping more coins into the piggy bank (a giant whiskey bottle) as a result of it.

The inner section of the wallet is fairly basic, just a space for stuffing in some folded notes, but it serves it’s purpose well enough. It also has a handy slot for putting a single key in which we found ourselves using regularly. When you only need a house key, being able to slot it neatly inside your wallet negates the need to carry around unnecessary bulk.


To summarise, the Compact Wallet is effectively slimline with decent aesthetics to boot. We don’t think we’ll be able to go back to using a coin compartment because having such a lightweight wallet, with the convenience of the contactless card slot, makes it a joy to use.

It caa be yours for £59.99 / $78.