nitrobrewthumWe’ve covered fancy brewing products in the past, as experimenting with liquor in the comfort of your Man Cave is one of the best recreational activities you can partake in.

If you haven’t tried a nitrogen infused beer yet you’re missing out, and no we aren’t talking about pre-nitrogenated, we’re talking about nitrogen being pumped into the golden nectar before your eyes. Although considered somewhat of a novelty at times, the end product is undeniably smoother, silkier and tastier. Thankfully the guys over at NitroBrew are now selling pre-made kits that allow you to nitrogenate beer in the comfort of your own home. Inside you’ll find a charging station, a NitroBrew kettle, and a small form air compressor.

The patent pending system invigorates ANY beer (stout, porter, amber etc.) with nitrogen in 90 seconds, whose tight bubbles effortlessly roll around your palate for the ultimate silky beer experience.