NewAir AW-181E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


Yes, this is a wine cooler and some may turn their nose up at the thought of indulging in some wine in a Man Cave, but it would be rude not to include this incredibly high quality cooler. Just because it has Wine in the name it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to store wine in it, with a bit of persuasion this can effortlessly store a considerable number of cans or beer bottles.

NewAir are a prominent name in the ‘beverage cooling’ industry, and rightly so. Their products are sturdy, stylish and boast impressive cooling power, and are highly rated when it comes to reviews. As mentioned, this particular model is designed with wine bottles in mind, which is fine if you consider yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur, but it also succeeds at storing standard beer cans and bottles.

Notable features include a LED digital thermostat, a cool blue LED interior light and solid vibration free design.


The unit only requires 4″ clearance on all sides, making it easy to slot away out of sight. It’s an unobtrusive unsung hero that cools your favourite poison and looks awesome in the process.