Marshall Compact Refrigerator


If looks are important to you when it comes to the critical task of cooling your amber nectar, then look no further than the Marshall Compact Refrigerator. As the name might suggest, it’s designed to look identical to a Marshall speaker, and they’ve done a pretty good job at making it look authentic.

As you can guess, the price comes at a premium for looking so bad ass, clocking in at just under $400 for a relatively small unit. However, you would be surprised at how much alcohol can be crammed into it, with ample space inside and also door storage. It has 4 cubic feet of internal space to be exact, with a small freezer section at the top and an adjustable glass shelf.


The attention to detail on the front panel of the fridge is mind blowing, with functional dials and switches. The dials even go to 11, what more justification do you need to purchase this!? The Marshall logo tops it all off, with an engraved Jim Marshall signature for authenticity.