Man Cave Spotlight

cigar-lounge-cave-thumbOccasionally a Man Cave crosses our path that we simply can’t ignore. While we do have a large and ever updating collection of man cave pictures, some examples are so exquisite that they deserve their own post. 

One such example is a classic ‘Gentleman Cave’ that was submitted to Reddit just over a year ago, that went viral right off the bat and reached the frontpage in no time. Receiving 3,000+ up votes on Reddit is no easy feat, so you can imagine our surprise when we saw that it was an album on a newly finished man cave/cigar lounge.

I just shaved my mustache this morning and looking at these pictures just made it grow back. – Redditor

The man behind the cave is Rune Jensen, a key account manager for a renewable energy company in Esbjerg in Denmark. The Man Cave is located in the cellar of his newly-renovated 1936 three story house he shares with his girlfriend.

Most of the furniture you can see in the below gallery is used, obtained through Denmark’s equivalent of Craiglist. The bookshelves, frames and lightning were picked up from IKEA, and the Globe Bar was purchased new from Amazon.

The Man Cave was heavily inspired by nostalgic shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, coupled with classic gangster movies and old classic jazz. The end result is classic step back in time, where you can while away the hours with a cigar in one hand, and a whiskey in the other.

man-cave-cigar-lounge8 man-cave-cigar-lounge7 man-cave-cigar-lounge6 man-cave-cigar-lounge4 man-cave-cigar-lounge3 man-cave-cigar-lounge2

Hi-res pics here.