Man Cave Spotlight: Custom Made Bar & Game Room

The Man Cave subreddit is a great place to find inspiration, ask questions and discuss future Man Cave plans. Recently a user, allen84, posted up his newly finished Man Cave containing a custom made bar, and we simply had to share it. 

He had a pretty clear image of what he was after in his head, which of course makes things a whole lot easier. While he did debate pursuing his idea as a personal project, he ended up using the services of a professional furniture builder.

man-cave-spotlight-1The builder was able to put together the above drawing based on allen84’s self-admittedly crude schematics, and work began. A mere three weeks later and the work was done:


The above arrived in around 10 pieces and was put together within an hour. While it is hard to judge from pictures alone, the build quality certainly looks impressive and set allen84 back $3200 (Canadian dollars) through a good friend. He recommends trawling Craiglist and Kijiji for quotes until you land on one that fits your budget, before setting up a meeting and viewing their past work to guage the quality of their craftsmanship.


In go the bar stools. You could also spruce them up with some old custom motorcycle parts if you’re looking to create a motorcycle theme.


LED strip installed through the overhang.


Stocking the shelves with a good tasting selection. For beverage cooling allen84 opted for the Danby DBC120BLS, which we briefly reviewed here. Like us, allen84 found them perfect for the price range.

man-cave-spotlight-6Infinity mirror added to the bar, using a simple YouTube video for guidance. At this point the fit wasn’t quite right, resulting in a slight curvature as opposed to the straight drop usually achieved.


Calling upon the skills of his trusty builder once again, some quick routing around the inner edges resulted in a better fit and achieving the desired effect.


The LED strips themselves were purchased from Aliexpress,  and can be found here


More LEDs on the raised glass shelf results in a pretty cool illuminating effect.


A matching prep table for ‘making, mixing, cutting limes and shit’. All the important bar activities!


While many would be very satisfied by this point, allen84 wanted to do things properly and mounted a sports ticker on the wall, which pulled in weather, news etc.


An old PC powered the sports ticker, hidden on the other side of the wall.



The other side of the room contained three slot machines, all picked up from Craigslist or Kijiji. Find a decent spot to hang your mens motorcycle jackets and you’re golden!



An old  Neo Geo arcade machine has been converted into a MAME machine, powered by a hidden PC and boasting an impressive 5,000 games.

We’re a big fan of the finished product, and hunting down a local furniture definitely proved worthwhile in this case. If you have any similar build logs be sure to send them over.