Man Cave Hidden Door System

While some want the world to know about their awesome Man Cave, others like to keep it shrouded in mystery –  a secret solitary escape they can slip into without others knowing. If you fall into the latter category, the thought of a hidden door to your Man Cave has probably already crossed your mind, and apart from the obvious awesome factor they’re actually a great security feature too. 

You may think fitting a hidden door requires some age old art form or magical door wizardry, but actually it’s entirely possible to do it all yourself. Everything comes in kits these days, and the hidden door is no exception.

Amazon sell such a kit, which contains a unique hinge system for an inswing or outswing hidden door, supporting up to 250lbs. While the $140.00 price tag seems alot for what is essentially some fancy hinges, it’s the instruction that are worth the money. Inside you’ll find precise instructions on how to construct the door and a bookshelf to complete a truly secret entrance.