How It’s Made Posters – Whiskey, Beer & Wine

howitsmadethumbWe like to pretend we are up to date with advancements in technology, so we always keep one eye on in case a game changing gadget is looking for funding (such as the the SYNEK Draft System). While checking out the latest projects, we spotted some pretty awesome ‘How It’s Made Posters’ that we felt would be ideally suited to a Man Cave.

Man Caves and alcohol go hand in hand, since consuming it within the walls of your masculine retreat is one of the best recreational activities. The ‘How It’s Made’ poster series details the main steps of making whiskey, beer and wine, and are printed on high quality matte paper.

They are extremely well made and would certainly look the part on an otherwise bland Man Cave wall. 78 Degrees are the brains behind the designs, and have masterfully visualised the 6 main steps required when creating whiskey, beer or wine.

We’re big fans of the end result and will be picking up a couple ourselves. At the time of writing the project is less than $20 short of it’s goal, so help them hit it and ideally, overfund it to the moon and back so they can make some more designs.