Iron Vault Desk

iron-vault-desk-thumbChoosing whether to put a desk in your Man Cave can be a tricky decision. While a Man Cave is supposed to be a relaxing retreat, the secluded and comfortable environment can work wonders when trying to finish off some pressing tasks, whether it’s work related or a side project. Furthermore, it can be tricky to find a desk that fits in with your Man Cave decor without coming across as too corporate or sensible.

Restoration Hardware have come up with the perfect desk design, drawing upon stalwart safes from the turn-of-the-last-century jewellery shops and offices, to create a sturdy and rugged workspace.



Complete with rivets and latching handles, the desk is crafted from steel sheet treated to resist rusting, and is part of a 4 piece collection also consisting of a side table, sideboard and coffee table. The desk alone will set you back $2,210, but this is a small price to pay considering just how much use you’ll get out of this hulking lump of metal.