Gaming on the Sony LSPX-P1

To round off our series of posts on the Sony LSPX-P1, we’re shifting our focus to a common man cave activity: gaming. Whether it’s playing with friends or kicking back solo, nothing beats shutting yourself away for a few hours and escaping from everyday life (or the family).Below we take a look at some of the obvious and not-so-obvious uses when it comes to gaming on the LSPX-P1.

Party Games


Without a doubt, group play games work very well with a projector. Dusting off the old Nintendo Wii always went down well at a family gathering and brought out the ultra-competitive in everyone, and with it’s successor the Nintendo Switch, these games look and play better.

Projecting these types of games onto a wall makes the experience infinitely better, as it’s usually just as much for the spectators who can see things clearly instead of an obstructed screen.

The LSPX-P1 is of course highly portable and can easily fit into a rucksack, meaning these types of gatherings aren’t limited to your own home. Coupled with the fact that it can project well onto a wall, it’s easy to find a space to use it.

Second Screen


One feature which is very useful is the fact that the wireless HDMI receiver box can send the picture to both the projector and a TV, it’s not limited to one or the other. This is great for the aforementioned party games as you can use the projector for the participants, while also displaying the action on a TV. To do this you need an additional HDMI cable, but if you’re anything like us you already have hundreds lying around.

This feature is also useful for two player games, and helps overcome that age old problem when playing against each other where you can see exactly what the other person is up to. One person can game on the projector, while the other can use a TV.

PC Gaming


Everyone knows that gaming on a PC is generally a much better experience, however one drawback is that you have to sit at a desk to do so. If you have a desk job then you probably don’t always feel up to this and would rather relax on the couch. The LSPX-P1 offers a great solution for this, simple plug your PC into the wireless HDMI receiver box, and your projector is now displaying your computer wherever you see fit.

Of course this isn’t just limited to PC gaming, anything on your PC will be projected whether that’s a film or streaming service.

Gaming on the Go


Something we touched on in our last post is again around the portability aspect of the LSPX-P1. It’s easy to chuck in a bag and take with you, and if you often take a laptop on your travels then they make the perfect pairing.

Being able to whip the LSPX-P1 out and project a game onto a tabletop, wall or even floor is seriously cool, and much better than crowding around a laptop.

Mobile Gaming


If you have a more recent smartphone running on Android, the chances are it supports mirroring. As the name might suggest, it allows you to mirror your smartphone screen and project it with the LSPX-P1.

This allows you to play mobile games on a much bigger screen, allowing you to take your Candy Crush Saga addiction to the next level.

Non-video Game Rules


While not strictly video game related, one interesting use was discovered when playing a relaxed poker game with new players who didn’t fully understand the different possible hands in Texas Hold’em. One minute later, we had all the hand combinations projected on the wall next to us that people could glance at without giving too much away.

To summarise, the LSPX-P1 is very versatile in a variety of ways. Incase you missed it, our original LSPX-P1 review can be found here, and our selection of interesting uses can be found here.