Game of Thrones Iron Throne Mini Replica

It pains us to say this, but there is just one episode of Game of Thrones Season 4 left. Watching GoT in the Man Cave has become somewhat of a weekly ritual; an evening fuelled by beer, snacks and gripping blood soaked drama. 

While there is no official word yet, once the final episode airs, it will most likely be another year until it graces our screens once again. As a homage to the gripping entertainment the shenanigans of Westeros provide, why not treat your self to a Deluxe Mini Replica of the Iron Throne, created by legendary publisher Dark Horse.


The highly detailed piece is 7″ tall and is a smaller version of the sold out 14″ version, which is going for a pretty penny on popular auction sites. Place it on your desk at work to assert your dominance within the office.