F-4 Phantom II Ejection Seat

Ejection SeatWhat man cave is complete without comfortable seating? Either to enjoy a cold one in or even better to get comfortable while gaming. And what better way to play that new air combat game then while sitting in an authentic F-4 Phantom II Ejection seat?

Be the first of your friends to brag that you have actually been in the seat of a supersonic jet interceptor fighter. You can skip the part that it is actually bolted to the floor of your man cave!

Ejection Seat 3

The seat includes a seat-belt, grip handle on the right side of the seat, an empty oxygen tank and release button on the left side of the seat. It also comes with a Boeing Custom Hanger plaque attached to the back as well as a certificate of authenticity. (Just in case any of your friends accuse you of having just a replica.)

And ladies, if you have that hard to buy for man, we are pretty sure that this should be on your list of things to buy for him. It’s almost guaranteed that he does not have one of these yet. And if by chance he does have one, then he definitely needs another to pair it up with because the F-4 Phantom II was a tandem two-seat jet, so for realism sake he actually needs two instead of one.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anyone having a few too many cold ones and then pushing the release button after having armed the seat! It should also be noted that this seat is not for flight use, so if you are looking for a replacement seat for that F-4 Phantom II that you have sitting out back, then you should not consider this as that replacement.