Depict Digital Frame Review

When it comes decorating and furnishing a man cave, or any room for that matter, it’s the finishing touches that make the most difference. While painting the walls or ordering new furniture can dramatically change the dynamic of a room, the finer details really help to make it your own, allowing you to add your personal touch.

Adding wall art is a great place to start and an easy way to liven up an otherwise bland space, however the hardest part is deciding what kind of wall art to go for. Sites like Etsy are great for finding unique and interesting pieces, but regardless of where you get it from, what happens when you get bored of it?

The Depict Frame is a great solution to this problem. It’s a 49” 4K UHD display that mounts to your wall, allowing you to continuously rotate through an ever changing library of artworks, and we were lucky enough to try one out.

20181005_122505 (1)

  • 49” museum-quality display is color calibrated and optimized for fine art and moving images
  • Native 4K processing power enables smooth video playback and responsiveness
  • Easily swivel between portrait and landscape orientation
  • Combines classic handcrafted details with cutting-edge technology
  • $899

Right from the get go it was clear that The Depict Frame doesn’t compromise on quality in any aspect of it’s design. The unit itself is heavy, weighing in and at 50lbs, and the frame feels solid and well made, resulting in a great aesthetic that would the part in pretty much any room.

Due to the weight of the frame, it’s important that it’s mounted on a solid wall with the correct fixtures, which is a pretty painless process with the provided mount. Once the mount is in place, the power can be connected and then the frame slides down onto it, allowing the frame to easily rotate from landscape to portrait. If it’s a permanent placement, we’d strongly recommend exploring how to hide the power cable behind the wall to ensure it isn’t running down, as this really sets off the look.


Once the frame is mounted the rest of the setup is smooth sailing. We had it hooked up to our WiFi and the iPhone app in less than two minutes, and displaying art from Depict’s gallery or your own is very straight forward.

Before we hit the power button we weren’t really sure what to expect from The Depict Frame – the main question on our mind was ‘how different is this to simply mounting a TV on the wall’? This questions was answered right off the bat, as the quality of the screen really stopped us in our tracks.


With the above artwork (Victor Servranckx – The Town – 1922) it genuinely looked like a canvas, so much so that when someone walked into the room the first thing they did was put out their hand to feel the texture, surprised when they realised it was just a screen.

For comparative purposes, we put the same image on The Depict Frame and a 4K UHD TV (admittedly a smaller one at 42”), and while overall quality was pretty close, the frame’s colours were noticeably better. The improved calibration coupled with the fact that the frame looks substantially better than a TV does on a wall makes it a clear choice for this purpose.


Using the app (which is only available on iPhone’s at the moment) is very straightforward. Displaying your own pictures on the frame is as simple as selecting them from you gallery, with the only downside here being that you can’t set it up to automatically rotate through your own photos. However, that’s not to say this won’t be possible in the future as the app and firmware appears to be regularly updated.

At the time of writing the frame retails at $899, which may make it somewhat of a considered purchase for some, especially when you consider that there’s also $20 monthly subscription to access additional artwork (there is also a free limited gallery with different art every month). However, if you do enjoy displaying art but struggle to find ‘just the right piece’, this is an obvious solution.


Due to the quality of the screen you can still get up close and personal like you would with a real piece, noting the brush strokes and texture of the canvas, with the added benefit that you can instantly change the artwork as the mood strikes you. The brightness can also be adjusted, which really does allow you to achieve a near canvas like appearance.
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