BeamBox – The Ultimate Man Cave Speaker

beamboxthumbIf you use your cave extensively, the chances are you probably have music playing in the background most of the time. A Man Cave is a great place to kick back and play your favorite tracks (whatever they may be, we’re not here to judge), but it’s worth investing in a decent speaker to fill up every nook and cranny of your masculine retreat.
This is where the BeamBox comes in. Awesome name aside, the BeamBox is crafted from reclaimed hand hewn barn wood, resulting in unique and character oozing piece. These beams stood structurally sound for a century or more, before being re-purposed into a room filing audio artifact.

If there was a perfect speaker for a Man Cave, this would be it. Two 4 inch speakers and an amp boasting a maximum output of 60W ensures a great listening experience, and wireless Bluetooh functionality really seals the deal.

It’s yours for a measly $350.