What Is A Man Cave

Welcome ManCavers!

If you’ve found your way here by yourself (like a real man) you probably already know what a Man Cave is. If you don’t, then let us clear up the meaning of this obscure, almost dirty sounding word…


NFL Man Cave

A Man Cave, also known as a man land, mantuary or man space, is a word for describing a part of house, whether a room, basement or garage, that offers a man some well earned solitude. The design and decoration of the Man Cave is entirely down to the male occupant, with no involvement whatsoever from any female. This is due to two reasons:

  1. The design and decor of an entire house is usually determined by a female occupant, ruthlessly overruling any attempt of suggestion from their male counterpart. A Man Cave allows a man to express his creative side in regards to design and decor, without any scrutiny from a female.
  2. A Man Cave provides a space for the things you’ve always wanted but have never been allowed to have, because a Darth Vader Fridge is “stupid” and “won’t look right in the kitchen”…

A Man Cave is essentially a blank canvas for an individual to express his creativity, and hoard all sorts of cool things that would never usually be allowed in the house (T-Rex Taxidermy anyone?).

Alone time is also very important for a man, and a Man Cave offers the chance to indulge in hobbies and hang out with friends, whether that involves watching the big game or running a poker night.

If you come across a product or idea which you feel would be of interest to fellow Man Cavers, don’t hesitate to send it over!


– The ManCaved Team


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