18 Wall Decor Ideas For The Man Cave

man-cave-wall-decor-thumbOne of the main benefits of a Man Cave is that the décor is entirely up to you. There is no need to be cautious of clashing colour schemes or over cluttering; if it can be somehow attached to a wall, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t bust out the nail gun.

Of course, there are some exceptions to the rule; you aren’t decorating a college dorm room so it’s probably best to roll up your Che Guevara or Abbey Road poster. There is even a company offering a range of Man Cave paint, boasting colours such as ‘5 O’Clock Shadow’ Grey  and ‘Sucker Punch’ Plum if your Man Cave could do with a fresh lick.

If inspiration is still escaping you, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best man cave wall decor ideas.

Industrial Shelving


Making the use of raw materials that may be lying around can have some surprising results.

Wall Decals


Want more ‘grunginess’? Try this distressed brick decal

Wall decals are a cost effective way to liven up a large bare wall, and there a plenty of designs available on the net. Designing your own will almost always be the best choice, but will cost considerably more.

Typograhic Map




These typographic maps by Axis Maps would look great mounted, with Boston, New York, London and Seattle versions available. 

The Great Wave off Kanagawa


Although a common piece, it would of been rude not to include it.



A good book collection says a lot about a man, and can also look great when properly displayed. If you’re looking for inspiration check out ‘The Essential Man’s Library over at Art of Manliness.

Licence Plates


Sounds like something from Extreme Makeover: Trailer Park Edition, but works surprisingly well.

Sports Shirts


Framed and signed sports shorts are essentially if your Man Cave boasts a sporting theme.

Painted Animal Skulls


These painted animal skulls by Stephan Alexander are unique, unusual and look great.

Huge TV


An obvious addition to the Man Cave and something that should easily justify its cost.



Although an acquired taste, taxidermy can work well in the right Man Cave, however the above example is a bit overkill. (sorry)

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

croc-head-wall-bottle-openerA decor item that’s also highly functional, and likely to see heavy use.


charlton-hestons-guns-man-caveIt’s not just psychopaths that collect weapons, this impressive collection belonged to Charlton Heston.



NO WINDOWS. It’s called a ‘Man Cave’ not a ‘Man Come Spy On Me’ (had to be careful not to miss out a word there..)

Animals Being Humans

the-hustler-dogs-playing-poolA classic.


man-cave-toolsGood quality tools are expensive, so why not show them off?

Big Mouth Billy Bass

billy-bassA blast from the past.

Stadium Turf

man-cave-turfAcquiring turf from your favourite stadium can be tricky, but definitely worth it.

Movie Cells

batman-movie-cellAuthentic movie cells look great when framed, especially with a legitimate autograph.